Dear friends, a change is as good as a rest.
On Monday, March 1, 2021, we will celebrate 5 years since the founding of the WGA. When I announced at the beginning of February that the WGA would resume operations, I thought about the meaning of confronting the stupidity and arrogance of power. Although the WGA held wonderful events, which had great response, over time I came to the conclusion that it makes no sense to deal with something that is an agony.

Don’t worry, I didn’t give up. I just re-evaluated the current situation. I took the fact that the WGA would have nothing to do with the FCI. I literally took and prepared a completely new running system by weight, which has nothing to do with the existing system. It is safer, more friendly towards dogs, and corresponds more with the Order for the Protection of Animals and, most importantly, it is fairer to dogs.

The organizational and material support of the event has received partial changes and modifications, but the system is 100% different. And to make matters worse, this applies to both disciplines, Track race (FCI race) and Field race (FCI coursing). In both, the human factor will be the raising of the flag.

I am currently completing the WGA running rules, which will contain everything you need in about 10 pages. In any event it will not refer to or cite any foreign sources. Everything will be copyrighted.

I have already consulted the system with several people who are sufficiently experienced and met with a great response from them. I think it could be a hope for the future.

I hope that the new thinking will win. It is clear to me that this will not be possible without your support. We will gradually release the information. At the beginning I give you an important partial citation of the introductory part of the new order:

„The WGA was established for running dogs by weight categories in their own way, in a different way,“ which is protected by intellectual property law. It is forbidden to implement this method in any way without the consent of the WGA. “

I don’t want smart heads to start changing anything right from the start. The system must first be tested or modified. During this period, it is important for me to have things under full control.

Vaclav Holoch
President of WGA

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