2017-10-15 WRV Midland Lelystad NL

Zpráva o pořádání WGA dostihu

Netherlands Derby, WEIGHT RACE , MIDLAND OCTOBER 15th, 2017
This year’s last derby. It follows in the footsteps of the European Derby in Awans, the Belgian Derby in Beringen, and the Swiss and Italian Derbys in Lostallo. Come and support weight racing. A friendly atmosphere, fair play, and even competitors are waiting for you.

Sunday October 15th there will be another weight race at the Midland track in Lelystad, Holland, for Whippets and Italian Greyhounds.

All other breeds will run according to the standard FCI system and their prizes will be awarded according to the FCI prize money system.

Please note that all dogs need to have pedigree papers and a by the FCI approved racing licence.

The dogs that participate in the weight race will run two series with a maximum of 4 dogs per run. We will try to select the dogs for the series according to equal speed as much as possible.

The times of all dogs will be measured electronically and the 6 fastest dogs per weight class will run in the A-finals. The following 6 dogs will run in the B-finals etc. Males and females will run together. The running distance will be 350 meters.

For the weight race Midland has something special this year. As mentioned above we will have, depending on the number of dogs entered, A-, B-, C-, etc. finals. The winner of each final will receive a winner jacket sponsored by WGA/DG DogGear and a money prize of 50 Euro. The other finalists will all receive flowers or a nice pleasantry.

With the sponsoring of WGA/DG DogGear it looks like we will have a very nice International race. There are already foreign contestants who aired the intention to attend our race. We will do everything in our power to make this day a success.

When signing up for our race we ask you to give us your dog’s weight. We need this so we can make a first draft of the program for the race. You can weigh your dog at your vet, using their scales or you can weigh your dog at home. At home you can stand on the scales with your dog in your arms, subtracting your own weight from the total weight. Make sure that your dog does not wear his collar or his harness as every gram can count.

On racing day we will re-weigh your dog and determine his definitive weight for the classes. We weigh the dogs on a professional veterinarian scale. When our result differs from the weight that you have entered, your dog may be switched to another class than the one we pre-entered your dog in.
The weighing starts at 9.00 hours on racing day.


The Whippets will run in five weight classes.
Weight class 1: up to and including 11,99 kg
Weight class 2: 12 up to and including 13,99 kg
Weight class 3: 14 up to and including 15,99 kg
Weight class 4: 16 up to and including 17,99 kg
Weight class 5: 18 kg and more 

The Italian Greyhounds will run in four weight classes.
Weight class 1: up to and including 4,99 kg
Weight class 2: 5 up to and including 5,99 kg
Weight class 3: 6 up to and including 6,99 kg
Weight class 4: 7 kg and more

Midland has ample parking spots and camping facilities. If you like to camp please get in contact with us by mail: WRVMIDLAND@UPCMAIL.NL 

Sponsors: WGA and DG DogGear