January 15th, 2019
On January 12th, 2019, our WGA meeting was held at our annual meeting in Kovarska. After a truly honest one year pause, we evaluated the results of running under the FCI. We had to say that it really was not meant seriously, which we expected, but for the sake of conscience we lost one whole year. The meeting decided that in 2019 the WGA will organize its own races, with the track and the necessary service being contractually leased for a fee. All financial flows will go through the organization’s accounts.

This was followed by a change in the WGA Committee. The WGA President thanked the departing Elizabeth Horn, who was a founding member. Her resignation has its reason because of the next WGA direction. A new member, André Keller from Switzerland, was appointed to the Committee as Manager of Activities. This has given the organization an international dimension that we expect, together with all the number of committee members, to expand in the future. It is basically a substitute for the Executive Committee and the National Commissions.

For the WGA, I can say that cooperation with André has its history and we greatly appreciate his initiatives for the WGA. We will create the strategy and plan for 2019 with the new composition of the committee. Therefore, please excuse our delay. We will try to catch up in the first quarter and we will be glad to receive your support  for our efforts. We anticipate about 4 to 6 events within Europe according to very simple rules. We will work in a minimalist way, you will not find any complexities. On the contrary, wait for our maximum friendliness, adherence to our Code of Ethics, and your loved ones to get out if their health allows.

Do not be afraid to support us in the discussions, it is necessary to see that there is an interest in this kind of race, because 2018 tried to dampen this subconsciousness.

January 5th, 2019
WGA is back. On January 12, 2019, we have a member meeting. The agenda will include, among other things, a change in the WGA committee. The replacement is for Manager of Activities, as this is the predicted potential conflict of interest I mentioned in yesterday’s contribution. On the other hand, the committee gets the international dimension of a highly experienced person. I do not mention the name, you will learn after the meeting. Following the meeting, a simple concept of the Test Running Rules, Proposals, Treaties and negotiations with potential runways will be developed. We do not want to go by way of quantity, but we want to return quality to our actions.

In 2020, we plan to try a whole new way of running. But it is a matter that will still be much debated.

January 4th, 2019
WGA is back. By allowing the offer to FCI to co-operate at the end of 2018, and because there are signs that members of our national committees might have unspecified problems, the WGA will be the organizer of each race. We have disbanded the National Commission so that we do not endanger anyone unnecessarily. The tracks will be rented for hire with service and staff. Within the WGA headquarters, this will be, according to the Czech Jurisdiction, part of a work contract. It will be publicly available on the WGA website, the payment terms and amount of the amount will be closed by a non-public contract amendment.

WGA will provide promotions, applications, promotions, sponsorships and prizes and other necessary administration. Believe that our conditions will be very brief and simple.

As part of our anticipation, we are preparing an external collaboration with a law firm, for eventual representation in litigation that would affect the WGA, collaborating entities or even individual dog owners. To be continued tomorrow.

January 3th, 2019
WGA is back. Greyhound running rotate in a deadly spiral. Dates are rising, prices are rising and organizers have the illusion that the more races, the more they earn. That’s a big mistake. People have little chance of training, dogs are often poorly prepared, they are overlooked in connection with the misdemeanors. These are a few things that many people get discouraged. These are things that WGA will not affect much.

On the other hand, we are interested in running every hound that will be prepared enough. We will work on categorization. We apologize to the organizers with whom we cross the term. Indeed, the situation is such that no free terms exist. People will simply choose and we will accept their decisions. To be continued tomorrow.

January 2nd, 2019
WGA is back. Following yesterday’s contribution, I would like to address the situation not only in 2018. Numerous rules and regulations, and their scope, create an environment for many interpretations. In addition, FCI regulations go into national environments that create documents that are far from concurrent. They regulate, what all the owner and his dog must do to run, what criteria the organizer must meet, etc. I do not mention other activities of other breeds here. Complexity and non-compliance with binding orders are exacerbating the situation. Someone tends to act as a global organization. It is not so.

And that’s just the hidden danger that sooner or later breeder individuals who do not meet the FCI standard or meet it in part will infiltrate the organization. I would expect from such an experienced organization that it would make an effort to agree with the others. I do not want to dwell on or discuss this topic. I am not that competent.

I am returning to the issue of those already born and what to do with them and how to influence the offspring. The plan to run the trial running by the weight was wrongly set. Again, huge directives, difficult conditions and, last but not least, poor promotion. WGA even offered our long term sponsor, Renata Mildner DG DogGeart , for which we thank her very much and look forward to further cooperation, this time differently. To be continued tomorrow.

January 1st, 2019
WGA is back. Referring to the below-mentioned post from December 30th, 2017, we have fulfilled what we have promised. We remained quiet in 2018 so we did not interfere with the FCI’s handling of the weights. For my own sake, I can say that it was a desperate attempt to show how there is a little interest in the races. The reasons for the failure will be dealt with in a separate article.

Since the interest in cooperation from our side was rejected in 2017, no attempt was made in 2018 for a possible consultation, we decided to address the situation in a different way. Subsequently, I’ll post gradually several articles that will explain a lot to you. Please, all our supporters and sympathizers, share these, you will receive a comprehensive report that will describe all past, current and future events. To be continued tomorrow.

I wish you an interesting year 2019 and thank you for your support.