December 15th, 2016
Unbelievable!!! 2 days ago I recieved this message from England: „I am editor of Whippet News, a monthly publication in the UK

They are watching WGA’s efforts and like them! What’s more they offered to publish a short article about us every month. I already sent them an article for January because they needed it by the end of Wednesday. It is a great honor that people from Great Britain will be reading about us. We do not follow a previously set path but we have a purpose. Thank you for following our posts, please be glad for all the small things we have, and to people who are against us: don’t be angry. It’s Christmas!

December 15th, 2016
You may be thinking that because all the rush around Christmas, WGA is taking a time off. Not true! All countries involved are setting up their National Commissions, basic administrative issues are being dealt with, rules are being made and we are also working on our new website that will be completely in English. Moreover, we are working on a timetable for important events in 2017 and set up an online repository for all our documents. Obviously we are also communicating with people who are interested in helping us. We are happy to announce that the interest in WGA is growing – both on Facebook and our website. However, to be able to keep up, we need more people to share our messages and most importantly more translators, mainly from English to respective national languages. We are also looking for sponsors for the National Commissions and for people who would be interested to help when organizing events. We came up with an idea, but there is still a lot of work to do. Fortunately we love this kind of work!

November 27th, 2016
Let us introduce WGA’s Executive Board which was founded on 26th of November 2016 during our meeting in Stuttgart, Germany. We are still waiting for two representatives from France and Germany and for one name from the Netherlands and Belgium. The Czech Republic, Italy, and Switzerland already have their two representatives confirmed. We plan to spread the word to other countries during the next year. All of WGA’s representatives already have experience with weight racing.

Chairman of the Executive Board:
Philippe Halleux (B)
Vaclav Holoch (CZ) – WGA president
Tereza Markova (CZ) 
Angelo Anselmi (I)
Andrea Bread Pitto (I) 
André Keller (CH) 
Nicola Farronato (I) – representative of Switzerland 
Harold de Jongh (NL)

When we finished our meeting we participated in an „international bowling tournament“ – you can see its results in the picture. Participants were awarded a bottle of Czech beer and a nice cockade from DG Dog Gear, our sponsor for 2017.

November 27th, 2016
Allow me to inform you about yesterday’s meeting in Stuttgart. A number of competent, experienced people from the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, and France decided to join our mutual cause. We also invited people from Germany but unfortunately they were not able to arrive on such short notice. However, we hope to start negotiating with this country very soon. The representatives from other countries that met with us yesterday already have experience with organizing weight races. In fact, they all have much more experience than us from the Czech Republic which makes me value their decision to join us even more. The meeting took more than 5 hours during which we discussed weight racing, had a few personal chats, ate our lunch and managed to bond quite well. To be honest, I was quite surprised by how easily we managed to get along, agree on most terms unanimously, and share our ideas. I have to say that this team we got together is very effective at making decisions and that we really did a very good job. First we discussed our future moves and strategies, most importantly our approach to the FCI. We would, of course, be very happy if an agreement with the FCI would be possible and if we could provide them with all our gathered materials in the 3 year period we talked about in our previous posts. People seem to think that weight racing is the same thing as classical racing, only with the exception of dividing dogs into categories according to their weight – but it is not that easy. There are many other matters that need to be discussed and solved and many approaches that have to be tried and then accepted or replaced with more effective ones. To be honest, the FCI does not have enough time to do this all, but now that we are going to have our National Commissions ready, we will be. Our goal now is to optimize this discipline as much as possible and then show our results to the FCI. Even if they decide not to be interested in our materials, we will hand them in. Then we discussed the basic structure of WGA. Our nonprofit organization will continue to be registered in the Czech Republic and will be able to deal with other cynological organizations that also have animal welfare on their minds directly. We agreed on the fact that the Executive Board will be on the top of WGA’s chain. Every country that decides to join us will be granted two votes and two spaces for its representatives to join the Executive Board. We will also have National Commissions in every country. These will have to be formed by 3 people at least (a president who is also a member of the Executive Board, a Racing Manager, and a Coursing Manager). It was agreed that for the countries that were present during the meeting, we shall know the names of all Executive Board and National Commission representatives very soon. We also agreed on the number of events each country will organize during the next year. We will have the exact dates of these events by the end of the year and we will do our best not to collide with any important FCI events. However, it is nearly impossible to do so because there are nearly no free weekends left. In the case of a collision, people will have to choose which event they prefer to take part in and it will be on the organizers to convince them that theirs is more important. Another important matter we needed to talk about were the technical specifications of weight racing. Since we all already had some experiences with weight racing in the past, we had a few different ideas about how to do certain things. I am very grateful that we were able to work all of these things out effectively with no one trying to force their ideas on others. There are yet many details that need to be talked through and decisions to be made. However from this point forward we will mainly be communicating via the Internet. We discussed everything that needed to be discussed in person, we made important decisions, and we all received some tasks that we need to work on. We are now on a journey that will in no way lead us backwards and we cannot be stopped. Problems are here to be solved and we are counting on that. Unfortunately there are many options on how to make our goal harder to reach but that will not divert us from our goal. We want weight racing to become a new discipline and we want the FCI to acknowledge it.

November 27th, 2016
WGA‘s coordination meeting
Date and time: 26th of November at 12:00
Place: Stuttgart, Germany
For WGA this really is the event of the year because the members of tge executive board will be chosen, discussions will be held and national commissions will be created. We will talk about weight racing and its rules, about race dates. We in no way want to decide everything in the first year. Over the time we will gather experiences and fixed rules will probably be created around 2019.

We will, of course, inform you about what we talked about in the meeting and most importantly about the members of the executive board.

So far our invitation was accepted by representatives from the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Italy. Other states will be contacted shortly, unfortunately we had to act as fast as possible because of various reasons. Any country that wishes to join our effort is automatically awarded 2 spots (and votes) in the executive board. 
Please, keep on holding your fingers crossed for us!

November 21th, 2016
Should we be optimistic or pessimistic? We will get a result, dog owners will recieve a signal. The result will make us choose a path again. But we are ready. We will only need to decide whether to choose the easy path or the difficult one – they both lead to the same goal. We keep on working and during this weekend there will be a big event, the biggest there ever was for WGA. We will inform you more on Thursday.

November 13th, 2016
Yesterday we sent an email to the FCI. On Monday, we will send the same text officially via postal service. Legally this is absolutely correct because WGA is a nonprofit organization, independent of the FCI. Because of that we can communicate with them directly. The text we sent is a reaction to some misinterpretations of WGA’s purpose that came to our and FCI’s knowledge lately.

We declared that WGA never intended to work separately. Our goal is simply to have the opportunity to provide the FCI with a thorough analysis of weight racing based on experience we gather over a 3 year’s period. We stated that we want to come to an agreement with the FCI, following their terms and conditions with only a few exceptions regarding weight racing. We also expressed our will to consult the FCI, to inform them about all our events, and also to accept their supervision on such events.
This is all possible thanks to FCI Statutes:
Article 6 Partners
b) non-member organizations : The FCI can enter into special agreements with other organizations

We hope that the FCI will be reasonable because to make weight racing happen we need to put out great effort. We need to unite people that already practice it, we need to unite the rules, and then we need to optimize them based on what we learn when practicing this type of racing. A lot of conceptual, thought-out work is ahead of us and we could be a great help for the FCI. If they agree to cooperate with us, our work will be done by the time we hand them our analysis.

November 10th, 2016
A lot of different things are on the move right now. By the end of November we are going to have a meeting with representatives from Italy, Switzerland, and Austria. We will talk about the creation of the executive board, about race dates for 2017, and about the rules we need to establish in areas that differ from FCI’s height racing system. We would also like to meet representatives from Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands before this year comes to sn end. 

Because our idea of weight racing keeps on being misunderstood and we are worried that such misinterpretations could lead people to think that we want to stand against FCI we have undertaken certain measures which we will share with you this weekend. Please do not expect anything revolutionary or against FCI. 
Under this post we will share a small video teaser. The full video with commentaries and English subtitles should be ready during the weekend. The video is in HD. Thank you for both your help and disagreements, they are inspiring and they are driving us forward.

September 28th, 2016
WGA (Weight Greyhound Association) congratulates the following dogs on achieving the title of the International Racing Champion of the Czech Republic 2016 and also the I-WIN (International Winner) title. For the title of WGA’s International Racing Champion the dog must either get 1x I-WIN + 3x CACIL (FCI) or 2x I-WIN + 2x CACIL or 3x I-WIN. The CACILs can also be from previous periods. I will attached to this post is the complete list of results in the form we got it in from the Hungarian team. Once again I would like to thank everyone for participating. You were great! Looking forward to the next race.

Lightweight Mix, Abracadabra Camino Bianca, Pličková Iveta, CZ IG Middleweight Mix, Galya Mraja, Solymosi, Mrazova, HU IG Heavyweight Mix, IT Grey Butterfly Bacardi, Holoch Václav, CZ Whippet Senior Mix, Quarra Supersonic, Buzkovi, CZ Whippet Lightweight Mix, Blondy Delondy Ready Go, Rajnoch Petr, CZ Whippet Middleweight Mix, Air Bus Ready Go, Petlach Martin, CZ Greyhound Mix, Csontraketa Highlander, Schultz Abdrás, HU.

September 26th, 2016
We would like to thank the JOURNAL s.r.o. company for sponzoring the WGA INAUGURATION RACE that was organized on Saturday (24.9.2016) in cooperation with MAVE and CGWF at the racetrack of Agarpark Alsónemédi in Hungary. We are glad that Mrs. Krajčovičová decided to help us on the last moment. Thanks to her the whole race was professionally filmed and will now be post-produced and equipped with English subtitles. Seeing the final high quality movie will be very pleasant not only for the dog owners that aprticipated in the race but also for the ones that were not able to come. We value your effort deeply.

September 26th, 2016
We would like to thank the HUSSE company for sponzoring the WGA INAUGURATION RACE that was organized on Saturday (24.9.2016) in cooperation with MAVE and CGWF at the racetrack of Agarpark Alsónemédi in Hungary. The winners were presented with high quality feeds from Sweden that have a long history of tradition.

September 26th, 2016
We would like to thank Renata Mildner’s DG DogGear company for sponzoring the WGA INAUGURATION RACE that was organized on Saturday (24.9.2016) in cooperation with MAVE and CGWF at the racetrack of Agarpark Alsónemédi in Hungary. The cockardes, collars, jackets, and other prizes were beautiful. We value your sponsorship very much and we are grateful for the fact that we will also have it for the upcomming races in 2017.

September 26th, 2016
On Saturday (24.9.2016), WGA organized its first weight race in history (WGA INAUGURATION RACE) in cooperation with MAVE and CGWF. The race took place at the Alsónémedi Agarpark racetrack in Hungary and worked as this year’s WGA International Championships of the Czech Republic. In order to be able to win this title, there must have been at least 3 dogs starting in the same weight class for Whippets and Italian Greyhounds. We found out that dogs that did not know the track from before usually had a disadvantage.

In order to enter the race, the owners had to prove that their dogs either have a racing license (of any kind) or have completed at least 2 successful training runs with sparing partners. The lowest age at which the dogs could be entered was 15 months for Whippets and Italian Greyhounds and 18 months for all other breeds. Italian Greyhounds, Whippets, and other small breeds competed at the distance of 370m, senior dogs at 280m, and all other breeds at 480m. The sand track was equipped with an infinite hare (“Schultz system”) and a video timer. The competitors were able to test their skills with banked turns and good quality sand on which the European Racing Championships will be held next year. The racetrack of Alsónemédi is situated in a huge area in which you can also find fishing-quality water and a training rally cross racetrack for vehicles.

The preparations for this big event started early in the morning. All dogs had to be examined by a veterinarian and weighed, and their owners had to present their licenses or training cards. We basically followed the FCI rules for racing with a few exceptions that are connected to the weight class system and WGA’s prizing rules. In problematic cases it was up to the race supervisor to decide what to do and I must humbly admit that in two cases I did not manage to come up with the most optimal solution for which I am sorry – I will learn from my mistakes for the next time. 

Italian Greyhounds and Whippets participated in two heats that determined whether they will or will not get to the finals according to their times, Greyhounds went straight to the finals. We tried to have only 2 dogs with similar weights run together in each of the first two heats. The finals were held for each weight class separately and with middleweight Italian Greyhounds we even had B finals because of the number of participants. There were 22 Italian Greyhounds in total. When I saw their estimated weights in entries, I decided to use my own weight class dividing system which, in the end, proved efficient, because it helped to divide the dogs into groups more equally. 

The race was supported by many sponsors. DG DogGear presented us with jackets, cockades, collars, and other dog supplies. Husse introduced high quality kibble and canned food. Mr. Siegl’s Izolační materiály s.r.o. company provided the scale and the JOURNAL s.r.o. provided us with an all-day professional filming of the whole event, which will surely please not only the participants but also people who could not join us this time. The result should be a short movie with good quality sound and English subtitles in which we will be able to see not only the racing, but also some interviews and how the day went all together. This film will be available to everyone for free. Talking about filming, a surely “welcomed” intrusion was the arrival of the Hungarian TV representatives who intervened with our race, introduced a lot of delays for us and even dared to use our cockardes for their shooting.

All in all it was a beautiful day with a nice weather and lots of friendly people. I would like to thank all participants for being patient with us. We will be looking forward to seeing all of you in the upcoming races in 2017 – we will keep you updated about those. This time we only had 37 dogs in the race, but there were 37 other dogs for trials and that already makes a nice number. We are glad that we managed to organize the race using Hungarian equipment in only 3 people. In the name of WGA, I would also like to thank Mr. András Schultz and his team, Mr. Buzek and CGWF, and Tereza Terka Marková. Other people who did not hesitate in the time of need were also much appreciated.

September 20th, 2016
Dear friends, the weight race is near and the deadline for entries is today. We are in for a weekend of racing and joy. Tomorrow morning I will wake up and download the table of participants. It was Mozart who said ‚My people from Prague understand me‘, I say ‚My IG people understand me‘. That is why we now have 22 Italian Greyhounds and Whippets are on the second place. We will also have quite a few Magyar Agars and Greyhounds, but those will be entered on spot. If you decide to come in the last minute, we will not send you back home. It will mean more work for us and complications, but this is our first race and we will tolerate it. Our sponsors DG DogGear and HUSSE have prepared some interesting prizes! Watch out for our posts, we will be adding more. Thanks to everyone who is participating, weight class racing has its place in the future.

September 19th, 2016
You are now able to enter your dog for the race. The statistics look like a PLI dream. So far 14 PLIs are entered and more are still to come. It would be nice if some of our friends from Austria and Italy could join as well. It seems that „whippet people“ are still thjnking which strikes me because along with Italian Greyhounds, they are the two breeds that will be influenced by our weightclass system. We are also looking forward to the other breeds. We will also see Magyar Agars and Greyhounds in high numbers. Group V dogs will have the same prices and awards as other breeds. We are fighting for these breeds as well. The end of the season is coming and this is a great opportunity to try out the track where the next European Racing Championship will be held. It is true that more races will be held this same weekend, but that is just something people will have to get used to. Everyone can choose according to their own preferences as to the quality, availability and their dog’s possibilities. There are a lot of racing dogs out there. We can offer them a good quality track with nice surroundings, free camping, fairness, cheap entries and nice prizes from our great sponzors – every dog will get its prizes for sure. Come and support a good idea of weightclass racing. We will have it harder if you don’t, but we will prevail nevertheless.

September 18th, 2016
Do you want to experience a beautiful end of Summer? Check the weather forecast! There is nothing more we can offer, maybe except for a good quality racetrack and beautiful nature surrounding that includes bathing quality water right next to the racetrack. And of course we will also offer luxurious prizes from our sponsors and free camping. A nicely spent weekend with your canine companion(s) is at hand.

September 18th, 2016
I am very glad that we managed to start a discussion about weight class racing. I value your opinions and suggestions deeply, now that we are in the beginning of our journey, this is all very inspiring. In reaction to what I have read I want to write this post to make some things clear. WGA never claimed that it came with a completely new idea that has never been discussed or tried before. Weight races were done (and still are done) in many countries, Italy was the first country that started this if I remember correctly. Among others there is Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and also, of course, the Czech Republic. 

All weight races make me happy and all the clubs that organize them have my sympathies. However, what has never been achieved in the area of weigh racing, was to make FCI accept this idea. The goal of WGA is to unite everyone who is interested in this type of racing, to come up with a calendar of events, a functional system, and mainly common rules and awards because what every owner wants is to be able to compare his dog’s achievements to others. 
Nowadays, if any dog club or an organization wants to make an idea come true through the FCI, it has to follow a certain procedure that makes them deal with national federations. That, of course, includes bureaucracy and unwillingness to make something new happen and it also takes a lot of time. They explain why some things cannot be done rather than to come up with a way to make them work. To sum it up, if something new has to be done, this is not the way to do it. 
WGA’s intention is to unite people. We have a logo, our goal is to medialize racing as much as possible, and any material that we use for this will, in time, be available for anyone interested for free. We plan to come up with a “contract of cooperation” that will unite WGA with any interested club or organization. This contract can be done for just one event or it can be valid for a certain amount of time and we will try to make it as simple as possible. WGA will be the legal subject and decisions will be made by the Executive Board. When this board is created, which means that each country involved will have its representative in it (I would prefer if there were two from each country), I will only act as a representative for the Czech Republic. The board members will mainly communicate via electronic mail, physically then will only have to meet two times a year. This is the idea, time will tell if we need to change some things. 
WGA needs to prove that this new type of event (as I call it) has its supporters and that it brings more objectivity for most of us dog owners. Every owner can decide what type of racing they prefer. So called strong-boned dogs have a better chance at being successful in classical racing, lighter dogs and dogs that grew more than they were supposed to will do better in weight racing. It is, of course, possible, to race both in classical and weight races, but I think that optimizing for what suits your dog the best is the way to go. If nothing else, WGA will make sure to organize nice events of good quality. If we succeed and manage to work with a number of hosts from countries all across Europe, we can then try to negotiate with FCI’s representatives as a non-canine legal subject. This we can do directly and we could for example ask FCI for a trial for some 3 years and then we can analyze what we achieved together and decide whether this whole idea was beneficial for dog owners. If we come to the conclusion that it was, we can handle all our work and materials to FCI and can look forward to them organizing weight races. For me personally, this would make sense. I can promise one thing.
Our weighing will always be 100% objective and there is no way anyone could manipulate a scale. 
We wish many nice experiences in racing to both our supporters and opponents and hope that everyone can enjoy racing peacefully – which is something you can only see rarely nowadays because of all the fights about dog sizes.

August 26th, 2016
WGA’s goal is to put weight racing into practice and to award its participants. We want to reach out to as many people in Europe as we can. We are trying very hard to adapt according to the feedback we get from discussions with various people that already have some experience with this type of racing. We do not possess all the knowledge in the world and we do not only accept suggestions and comments, we are very glad to recieve them. This is why we decided to amend the weight class division before our first race in Hungary on 24. 9. 2016 according to a model that was already proved efficient. By doing this we have taken yet another step towards cooperation with other subjects. 

My hope is that we will manage to create the Executive Board of WGA consisting of representatives from various countries as soon as possible. When we succeed, we will be able to work European-wide.

I appreciate everyone who already contributed to our efforts. Other people’s experience is enormously inspirational for us.

August 20th, 2016
We managed to get two very good sponsors for the rest of 2016 and all of 2017. We are very happy to have them on our side and hope that you will all be pleased as much as we are. Thank you! We will make sure we don’t disappoint their trust.

Husse cz
The company is always trying to improve its products and to offer an even bigger range of products The Husse company was founded in 1987 in Stockholm by Tom Eliasson. In 1993, the company started to gain influence in Scandinavia and 3 years later it expanded to several European countries and also to Central and South America. To the Czech Republic it expanded in 2010. More than 600 distributors are currently working for the company which makes it a leading European brand in high quality feeds for dogs and cats. Its products are always delivered right into the homes of its customers for free.

Husse’s production process is based on traditional Scandinavian recipes and is carried out in a modern factory. Husse uses a unique patented technology thanks to which the feeds stay tasty and are easy to digest. Nutrition experts make sure that there is always a balance in the amount of energy, minerals, and vitamins in every type of product.

In locations covered by Husse, a local distributor will take care of your delivery.

In locations that are not covered by the company, the PPL delivery service will deliver the package for you within 24 hours free of charge.

August 20th, 2016
We managed to get two very good sponsors for the rest of 2016 and all of 2017. We are very happy to have them on our side and hope that you will all be pleased as much as we are. Thank you! We will make sure we don’t disappoint their trust.

DG DogGear
The company’s website came to existence in the beginning of 2008. DogGear is a Czech company and its products are all manufactured in the Czech Republic. These products are then distributed under the brand “DG DogGear” which is a registered trade mark. 
When the company started, the main focus was to sell original dog clothes and collars made in a special way the company invented. This includes their designs, patterns, and also the whole production process. Today the range of its products is much bigger and it includes everything from clothing to special sighthound feeds and superb racing shirts that are used by many world racing champions.
The main goal is to manufacture practical and original products of high quality both for sighthounds and their owners.
During the production process, the focus is mainly on good quality, the materials that were used, on the details, and on the safety of dogs.
All products are handmade and come in various sizes starting with Italian Greyhounds.
The company is always trying to improve its products and to offer an even bigger range of products.

August 16th, 2016
Everything is going according to our plans. This Sunday a meeting between me (Václav Holoch) and Harold de Jongh took place in Prague and it lasted over two hours. Among other topics we duscussed the basic idea behind WGA, the formation of the executive board and its possible members, the evens that should take place in 2017, and possible problems we might have in the future along with different approaches we might take while solving them. The state in which racing and coursing are nowadays was also a part of the discussion. Both parties agreed on their willingness to not only support WGA but also to do so actively. The most positive aspect of the meeting was the fact that there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference of oppinion between us which promises a very good start of us working together. The main goal now is to form the executive board and come up with the official paperwork. We also need to find someone to organize both the racing and coursing Championships in 2017 – during the meeting some possibilities were also already discussed. We now have the INAUGURATION WGA RACE to look forward to. It will take place on 24.9.2016 at the Agarpark Alsónemédi racing track (organized in cooperation with MAVE, CGWF, and of course WGA). The official plan for this race should be ready by 21.8.2016 along with registrations. The race will be sponsored by DG DogGear and Husse ČR. Both of these sponsors will also continue to support WGA in 2017.

The results of this race will be officially entered into the WGA pricing system. This system is very similar to the system of FCI with the exception that it will not be possible to officially state WGA’s titles in the dog’s papers. WGA will award the participants with certificates and the results will also be availabe to reach online. More detailed information will be provided shortly.
We hope that you will support our efforts and the best way to start doing so is to participate in the INAUGURATION WGA RACE.

August 3rd, 2016
WGA plans to organize two to four races in 2017, held exclusively on sand race track, to be held nearby, plus one or two course races to be held in Czech Republic. We hope that within the contractual parameters, as soon as other European subject join us, we’ll create a system which will be functional and which will include parallel titling and price awarding. In any event, this is not against FCI, all rules are being accepted with possible minor modifications needed for another discipline, the racing “by weight”.

August 1st, 2016
So that we just would not talk, here is briefly and clearly…. 

Weight Greyhound Association (further referred to as “WGA”) is holding, in cooperation with MAWE and CGWF, an „INAUGURATION WGA RACE“ at the Alsonemedi Greyhound Park Race Track on September 24, 2016.

We greatly appreciate this cooperation which will allow us to hold this event.
We have already lined up major sponsors but we welcome any further support.
The race will be “by weight” for the first place award. We shall have the specific outline of the race ready within next two weeks. Please come to support a different system, come to try out the track of the next European Race Championship.

July 26th, 2016
Do  you have the impression that nothing is happening? It would be a mistake!!!

We had some communication withthe foreign subject regarding the „ By Weight“ races. In Europe, there are several race types by weight and there is a lack of unified approach to judging and to awarding prices. This prevents a true competetion. I am not referring to the existing systém of some of the existing races. WGA has worked out a more complex system. We  adapted the well established model of wight categories for whippets. I worked out a weight category for PLI with a minor difference establishing an upper limit. Dog exceding the upper weight limit still can run in the WGA race, but only a solo show run.WGA will within the context of their acivities, signagreements of cooperation with already established subject which embrace the idea and will agree to respect the given rules. The cooperation can b eone time or a long term. The rules of cooperation will be subject mutual discussions this fall with the addressed subject. We shall welcome all interested parties and/or individuals. The idea is already in the phase when we have to act, so far, evarything goes according to the plan.

April 22th, 2016
I will speak on the radio about Weight Greyhound Association WGA on 28 April 2016 at 22.30 hours. I will explain and promote the idea of running greyhound in weight. It is 1 hour long online show. You can see that video this time on. http://www.rozhlas.cz/dvojka/studio/ or you can play it from the archive later.

March 9th, 2016
Official start…..

The WGA is a founder of the project with aim to create European network of non-profit organizations that co-operate together on a parallel level and carry the name of the WGA plus any optional name.

  1. The highest European authority is the Executive Board of the WGA. Its decisions are binding for all. It is a body without legal entity consisting of two authorized representatives/ people from each non-profit organization that is representing one European state.
  2. Non-profit organizations undertake to comply with recommended statutes, regulations and organizational rules. They work in the legal environment of their own country.
  3. Although the WGA acts independently, it has interest, within possible extent, to respect the protected terms of the International FCI organization and consistently looks after compliance with breeding regulations and other applicable documents of FCI definitions.