2017-08-13 Lostallo IT

August 13th, 2017
Demo Friendly Italy Open Derby 2017
Following the great success of the race on July 9th last Sunday, August 13, at the „Carlo Bonzanigo“ crotch race will be held the Demonstration race with „Italian Friendly Open Derby“
The classes will be formed after the dog weighs that will take place on the morning of the race.
This is a demonstration race so the scores and any disqualifications will not be written on the dog workbook.
The race will be sponsored by WGA.EU and sponsored by DG DogGear and Frontline Tri-act, which will feature beautiful prizes.
We expect many to test the functionality of the demonstration races by weight.
On the day before the race will be possible to camp in the spaces that ADL Lostallo will make available.

August 13th, 2017
Members of the WGA after the meeting in Lostallo.
Another succesful WGA race is behind us. It was the Italian Derby in Lostallo. Before the race we enjoyed a lovely fun evening with great food (as well as on the race day). The Italian team worked very well with the Swiss one and the race was held in a peaceful manner – which was possible thanks to the weight system. I want to say thank you to all participants and WGA supporters. Thanks also to Andre Keller and his team for making this all possible and to Esther Eigenmann-Meier for beautiful pictures.
We could have had more participants, but we sure had good quality participants – at least I can say that for the PLIs. I personally most enjoyed the moment when I saw 5 borzois run together. It is great that breeds other than PLIs and whippets start to benefit from WGA.
This year we have 2 more races ahead of us, one in Germany and another in the Netherlands. Since we just started, I think 5 races a year is a big success. Next year we will add coursing and will begin to unite the basic conditions.
We are still getting no support from the FCI and we still didn’t recieve any answers to our attempts for communication but our strategy still stays the same. No one is officially against us so right now we decided to let our supporters speak for themselves. We are looking forward to communicating with all reasonable people that can maybe come and enjoy our next two races.
Vaclav Holoch, WGA’s president