The answer (English version) by WGA President Mr Holoch

Dear Madam Stenberg,
The information presented in the Promotion action was created in a historical context. They should be seen in a given time. I’ll add the appropriate warning to the video. If a specific delegate was offended, I will be adding explanations and I will also apologize.

At the moment of WGA establishment, we had a strong opinion of the FCI. Many people agreed with us and supported the idea that someone finally conceptually promotes the idea of running by the weight. It began to grow, with more sympathizers from the previously silent majority. This also confirmed to us that our intentions to go to the maximum with consistency with everything that is valid in FCI is correct.

We created on our web pages “Ten Commandments” and the “Code of Ethics”, where our positions are clearly defined. We have a clear structure. WGA surrendered their own events, all actions are implemented only within „WGA system“ which sets out the necessary differences from the FCI. No, we do not have a coherent order. All actions we provide are coordinated through the National Commission, contracted with the organizing entities.

It is logical that if we want to fulfill responsibly our mission of finding the interest of people, to gather and to unify the conditions and execute the necessary multiannual research that would help the FCI to make informed decisions, we must be able to rely on concrete actions. But not as presently organized, where „it is nothing.“ They have very misleading outcomes. Therefore, we do actions through the motivational way.

We learned about the resentment towards our originally intended name. The problem is unfortunately in the lack of communication. So far, we are perceived as harmful, not as an entity that wants to help. However, we anticipated that. It is a pity that we have to exert extra efforts elsewhere than where they are needed. None of us are beginners; I am very happy that the team consists of experienced people who are „not afraid“. Routinely, we meet with the attitude that “it’s great, but what about the FCI’s attitude?” People are not giving FCI, nor your commission, real feedback. The reality is a bit elsewhere. And the atmosphere of exaggerated respect only plays to all the problems.

On the criticism about the name, we immediately responded and we changed the name to EUROPEAN DERBY. Our national titles followed, for example. CZECH DERBY, ITALY DERBY etc. WGA only monitors compliance with the system of running on the scale through its delegate to the event. Otherwise, any competence lies with the organizers of the event. All Events of European significance are needed in terms of optimizing the output of needed data. Because we expect resentment in the use of words “race” and “coursing” in relation to canine sports, we have our own registered terminology, i.e. “RaceTrack” or “RT CZECH DERBY”, “FieldTrack” or “FT CZECH DERBY”. Unfortunately, we have to deal even with such things because of people who seem not to accept other opinions.

All experienced dog owners know where existing problems with heights originated. Code of Ethics forbids me call things by their right name. Despite many years of certainly sincere and hard efforts of the FCI to resolve the matter, the solution is not in sight. Our running by the weight is defined as the emergence of a different discipline. Realistically, however, I admit that the future will belong to only running on the scale. Our mission will end by passing the documents to the FCI for them to make a decision about running by the weight.

We try to be as helpful as we can, but where there is no dialogue, there can be no good decision. I wish that our activities were perceived as actually declared and not as someone says differently.

Have a nice day.

Václav Holoch
President of WGA
Email: wgaeu.org@gmail.com
Web site: www.wgaeu.org