Dear friends and enemies,
March 1st marks 5 years since the founding of WGA. We started well and hoped that we would help to solve the problems of dog racing. We focused all our efforts on supporting the FCI and we were ready to cooperate. Unfortunately, we did not receive any response, on the contrary, we had to reorganize the entire promising structure of the WGA National Entities. The reason was an unspecified pressure. WGA activity has slowed down.
But the main reason was that the FCI really started thinking about running by weight. Unfortunately, they didn’t even bother to make use of our experience. It turned out as I expected, and I am not happy about it. As the inability to solve problems continues, we have decided that WGA will resume its activities.
In 2021 we will process all the necessary administration, in 2022 we will start organizing specific events. This time, however, already separately and independently. We do not resist negotiations, but we will not initiate them.
Our website has been updated and will now be in Czech, all important documents will be in English. An integrated translator is sufficient to understand the text. On the website you will find a complete history, including the publication of efforts to correspond with the FCI.

Find out more in Information Memorandum https://www.wgaeu.org/index.php/o-nas-2/

Have a nice day, Vaclav Holoch, prezident of WGA

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