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January 15th, 2019

On January 12th, 2019, our WGA meeting was held at our annual meeting in Kovarska. After a truly honest one year pause, we evaluated the results of running under the FCI. We had to say that it really was not meant seriously, which we expected, but for the sake of conscience we lost one whole year. The meeting decided that in 2019 the WGA will organize its own races, with the track and the necessary service being contractually leased for a fee. All financial flows will go through the organization's accounts.
This was followed by a change in the WGA Committee. The WGA President thanked the departing Elizabeth Horn, who was a founding member. Her resignation has its reason because of the next WGA direction. A new member, André Keller from Switzerland, was appointed to the Committee as Manager of Activities. This has given the organization an international dimension that we expect, together with all the number of committee members, to expand in the future. It is basically a substitute for the Executive Committee and the National Commissions.
For the WGA, I can say that cooperation with André has its history and we greatly appreciate his initiatives for the WGA. We will create the strategy and plan for 2019 with the new composition of the committee. Therefore, please excuse our delay. We will try to catch up in the first quarter and we will be glad to receive your support  for our efforts. We anticipate about 4 to 6 events within Europe according to very simple rules. We will work in a minimalist way, you will not find any complexities. On the contrary, wait for our maximum friendliness, adherence to our Code of Ethics, and your loved ones to get out if their health allows.
Do not be afraid to support us in the discussions, it is necessary to see that there is an interest in this kind of race, because 2018 tried to dampen this subconsciousness.

January 5th, 2019 

WGA is back. On January 12, 2019, we have a member meeting. The agenda will include, among other things, a change in the WGA committee. The replacement is for Manager of Activities, as this is the predicted potential conflict of interest I mentioned in yesterday's contribution. On the other hand, the committee gets the international dimension of a highly experienced person. I do not mention the name, you will learn after the meeting. Following the meeting, a simple concept of the Test Running Rules, Proposals, Treaties and negotiations with potential runways will be developed. We do not want to go by way of quantity, but we want to return quality to our actions.
In 2020, we plan to try a whole new way of running. But it is a matter that will still be much debated.

January 4th, 2019 

WGA is back. By allowing the offer to FCI to co-operate at the end of 2018, and because there are signs that members of our national committees might have unspecified problems, the WGA will be the organizer of each race. We have disbanded the National Commission so that we do not endanger anyone unnecessarily. The tracks will be rented for hire with service and staff. Within the WGA headquarters, this will be, according to the Czech Jurisdiction, part of a work contract. It will be publicly available on the WGA website, the payment terms and amount of the amount will be closed by a non-public contract amendment. 
WGA will provide promotions, applications, promotions, sponsorships and prizes and other necessary administration. Believe that our conditions will be very brief and simple. 

As part of our anticipation, we are preparing an external collaboration with a law firm, for eventual representation in litigation that would affect the WGA, collaborating entities or even individual dog owners. To be continued tomorrow.

January 3th, 2019 

WGA is back. Greyhound running rotate in a deadly spiral. Dates are rising, prices are rising and organizers have the illusion that the more races, the more they earn. That's a big mistake. People have little chance of training, dogs are often poorly prepared, they are overlooked in connection with the misdemeanors. These are a few things that many people get discouraged. These are things that WGA will not affect much.
On the other hand, we are interested in running every hound that will be prepared enough. We will work on categorization. We apologize to the organizers with whom we cross the term. Indeed, the situation is such that no free terms exist. People will simply choose and we will accept their decisions. To be continued tomorrow.

January 2nd, 2019 

WGA is back. Following yesterday's contribution, I would like to address the situation not only in 2018. Numerous rules and regulations, and their scope, create an environment for many interpretations. In addition, FCI regulations go into national environments that create documents that are far from concurrent. They regulate, what all the owner and his dog must do to run, what criteria the organizer must meet, etc. I do not mention other activities of other breeds here. Complexity and non-compliance with binding orders are exacerbating the situation. Someone tends to act as a global organization. It is not so.
And that's just the hidden danger that sooner or later breeder individuals who do not meet the FCI standard or meet it in part will infiltrate the organization. I would expect from such an experienced organization that it would make an effort to agree with the others. I do not want to dwell on or discuss this topic. I am not that competent.
I am returning to the issue of those already born and what to do with them and how to influence the offspring. The plan to run the trial running by the weight was wrongly set. Again, huge directives, difficult conditions and, last but not least, poor promotion. WGA even offered our long term sponsor, Renata Mildner DG DogGeart , for which we thank her very much and look forward to further cooperation, this time differently. To be continued tomorrow.

January 1st, 2019 

WGA is back. Referring to the below-mentioned post from December 30th, 2017, we have fulfilled what we have promised. We remained quiet in 2018 so we did not interfere with the FCI's handling of the weights. For my own sake, I can say that it was a desperate attempt to show how there is a little interest in the races. The reasons for the failure will be dealt with in a separate article. 
Since the interest in cooperation from our side was rejected in 2017, no attempt was made in 2018 for a possible consultation, we decided to address the situation in a different way. Subsequently, I'll post gradually several articles that will explain a lot to you. Please, all our supporters and sympathizers, share these, you will receive a comprehensive report that will describe all past, current and future events. To be continued tomorrow.
I wish you an interesting year 2019 and thank you for your support.

May 30th, 2018

As many others, we are also obliged tofollow the rules of GDPR. We are a legal subject, an international nonprofit organization.
Our basic goals are:
1) Protection of nature, interest in all aspects of cynology, and the protection of interests of animals. 
2) Providing useful (free of charge) services in the area of cynology in relation to the well-being and protection of animals.
3) Cooperation with other subjects on both national and international levels in the area of cynology and animal protection.
4) Participation in administrative and other functions which may have an impact on cynology and animal protection.
5) Publishing and distributing materials related to cynology and animal protection.

To our website we added the PRINCIPLES OF PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION (GDPR) in both Czech and English. You really don't need to worry about this at all, we will only be collecting data that are necessary for our events. After all, we will probably need even less data than before. Please, get yourself informed about our new policy and do not worry that WGA might not be doing anything this year. If you want us to sponsor your weight racing event, contact us on info@wgaeu.org. 

We promised to not organize any weight racing events ourselves in 2018 in case the FCI starts to doing so on their own and we intend to keep that promise. When the year is over we will meet and discuss FCI racing focusing for example on the number of events, their quality, and the number of participants. We will compare them to our WGA races from 2017 and then decide what our goal will be for 2019. We value your support deeply as weight racing is without doubt the future of our beloved sport.

May 5th, 2018

WGA is true to its word. In 2018 the FCI started testing weight racing on a national level in some European countries. Because of this effort, WGA decided not to organize any events on its own this year. We will use this year to observe and evaluate the direction in which weight racing will go. If the results are not satisfying, we will reconsider our stepping back and will be happy to start organizing events again in 2019.

In the years 2016 and 2017 our races attracted many participants and were consideres a great success. Thank you to all of the coorganizers and sponsors! The biggest thanks goes to Dog Gear, our sponsor of many years. As to the sponsoring, there will be no pause in this area - we offer our resources to any weight racing organizers interested in our support. In case you want us to help sponsor your race, contact us on: vaclav.holoch@seznam.cz
We are sponsoring the European Weight Derby organized by the Amatori del Levriero club in Lostallo. This event will take place on the 13th of May 2018. Hope to see you there!

December 30th, 2017

Novelty!!! The FCI is officially engaged in the preparation of weight races. That they did not appoint or engage us is sad, but we accomplished in one year that in 2018 the tests of the first full-weight races will be tested. Does anyone really think the WGA lost? I'm satisfied with the fact that what we promised, it was accomplished and faster than we expected.
Throughout the year, we had relative peace of mind for our actions. We have gained prestige among the people, which has forced the FCI to deal with the situation. On the initiative of the Belgian Race Committee and its Chairman, Mr. Hendricks, negotiations on the integration of weight races into the FCI system began.First, only Belgium was considered, which was later given a mandate to reach France and the Netherlands. At the beginning of December, Germany entered with DWZRV, when at a meeting the WGA was labeled as risk. It has been agreed that operators will be offered the opportunity to officially hold weight races in due terms. For this purpose, a proposal for adding the order with exact specification was prepared. Members of our Executive Committee have also been involved.
The FCI requires them to leave WGA. Everyone who has done so, I wish to thank you for your work and your efforts for the WGA.​
Part of the DWZRV session, for translation, German text:
Henk Hendricks, der als Vorsitzender der belgischen Sportkommission eingeladen ist berichtet in einem informativen Vortrag über die Gründung und Aktivitäten der „Weight Greyhound Association (WGA)“‚ die ausgehend von Tschechien in 2017 mehrere Rennen für Whippets nach Gewicht angeboten/ausgetragen hat.
Es wird allgemein die Gefahr gesehen, dass sich hier eine Organisation neben der FCI etabliert.
Die belgische Sportkommission und der DWZRV sind sich daher einig, dass dem durch das eigene Angebot der Austragung von Rennen nach Gewicht Einhalt geboten werden kann. Dementsprechend werden in 2018 in Belgien auch Rennen nach Gewicht ausgetragen. Im Bereich des DWZRV sollen ebenfalls Rennen nach Gewicht angeboten werden. Die Sportvereine sind hier aufgefordert, ihre Bereitschaft hierzu gegenüber der SK zu erklären und entsprechende Terminvorschläge zu un- terbreiten.
Bereits von Anfang an sollen die Rennen in den unterschiedlichen Ländern nach einem einheitlichen Regelwerk ausgetragen werden. Hierzu erfolgt bereits eine Abstimmung der Regularien (Einteilung der Gewichtsklassen. Trennung von Rüden/Hündinnen usw.) länderübergreifend.
Of course, these circumstances have an impact on our further activities. Another stage is awaiting us, our missions are not over. On the one hand, I think there is nothing completed in optimizing the rules. We offered the reverse procedure, run, debug under the WGA, and after 3 years set the rules based on knowledge and experience. We will do so in the following year and already officially - separately. I would like to be wrong, but the rules are not optimal. Our findings and results will be available at any time.
We had to reorganize our structure when the National Commissions are abolished, the Executive Committee remains whose members will not be published. We have to edit our web site because we can no longer refer to the FCI. During the month of January, you will learn the schedule of events. The WGA will be the commercial buyer and event organizer for a fee. An agreement to secure an action under the Commercial Code will be signed with the entities, according to Business Code of Law, including the determination of the scope. We will strengthen our legal services structure. We will need them.
We are preparing some news that will definitely please people. Surprise yourself, you will not be surprised by yourself. Gradually you will learn everything. Hold us your thumbs and keep your favor, support and loyalty.

Prosinec 30, 2017

NOVINKA!!! FCI se oficiálně zabývá přípravou běhání na váhu. Že nepověřili nás je sice smutné, ale my jsme za jeden rok dokázali to, že v roce 2018 budou již testy prvních plnohodnotných závodů na váhu. Skutečně si někdo myslí, že WGA prohrálo? Já jsem spokojen, co jsme slíbili, to se splnilo a rychleji, než jsme předpokládali.
Po celý rok jsme měli relativní klid pro naše akce. Získali jsme si prestiž mezi lidmi, což donutilo FCI situaci řešit. Z iniciativy Dostihové komise Belgie a jejího předsedy pana Hendrickse, začalo jednání o začlenění váhových dostihů do systému FCI. Nejdříve se uvažovalo pouze o Belgii, která později dostala pověření oslovit Francii a Holandsko. Začátkem prosince vstoupilo do hry Německo s DWZRV, kdy na schůzce bylo konstatováno nebezpečí WGA. Bylo dohodnuté, že se nabídne možnost subjektům oficiálně pořádat váhové dostihy v řádných termínech. K tomu bylo zpracován návrh doplnění řádu s přesnou specifikací. Podíleli se na tom i členové našeho Výkonného výboru.
Požadavek FCI je, že musí opustit WGA. Všem, kteří tak učinili, děkuji za vynaloženou práci a úsilí pro WGA.
Část zápisu zasedání DWZRV, k překladu, německý text:
Henk Hendricks, der als Vorsitzender der belgischen Sportkommission eingeladen ist berichtet in einem informativen Vortrag über die Gründung und Aktivitäten der „Weight Greyhound Association (WGA)“‚ die ausgehend von Tschechien in 2017 mehrere Rennen für Whippets nach Gewicht angeboten/ausgetragen hat.
Es wird allgemein die Gefahr gesehen, dass sich hier eine Organisation neben der FCI etabliert.
Die belgische Sportkommission und der DWZRV sind sich daher einig, dass dem durch das eigene Angebot der Austragung von Rennen nach Gewicht Einhalt geboten werden kann. Dementsprechend werden in 2018 in Belgien auch Rennen nach Gewicht ausgetragen. Im Bereich des DWZRV sollen ebenfalls Rennen nach Gewicht angeboten werden. Die Sportvereine sind hier aufgefordert, ihre Bereitschaft hierzu gegenüber der SK zu erklären und entsprechende Terminvorschläge zu un- terbreiten.
Bereits von Anfang an sollen die Rennen in den unterschiedlichen Ländern nach einem einheitlichen Regelwerk ausgetragen werden. Hierzu erfolgt bereits eine Abstimmung der Regularien (Einteilung der Gewichtsklassen. Trennung von Rüden/Hündinnen usw.) länderübergreifend.
Tyto okolnosti mají pochopitelně vliv na naší další činnost. Čeká nás další etapa, naše mise nekončí. Jednak si myslím, že v rámci optimalizace pravidel není nic dokončené. My jsme nabízeli obrácený postup, běhat, ladit pod WGA a až po 3 letech stanovit na základě poznatků a zkušeností pravidla. To budeme dělat i v následujícím roce a už oficiálně samostatně. Rád bych se mýlil, ale daná pravidla nejsou optimální. Naše poznatky a výsledky budou kdykoliv k dispozici.
Museli jsme přeorganizovat naší strukturu, kdy jsou zrušené Národní komise, zůstává Výkonný výbor, jehož členové nebudou zveřejnění. Musíme upravit naše stránky, neboť se již nemůžeme odvolávat na FCI. Během měsíce ledna se dozvíte rozpis akcí. Komerčním objednavatelem a pořadatelem akcí za úplatu bude WGA. S danými subjekty bude uzavřena Dohoda o zabezpečení akce podle Obchodního zákoníku, včetně stanovení rozsahu. Posílíme naší strukturu o právní služby. Budeme je potřebovat.
Připravujeme několik novinek, které se budou lidem určitě líbit. Nechte se překvapit, nebudete překvapeni sami. Postupně se vše dozvíte. Držte nám palce a zachovejte nám přízeň.

December 29th, 2017

And now, we are going to jump to the second half of 2017. The European Championship in coursing has come to an end. All the while I was hoping in my soul. Reluctance, bullying, self concentration? This time, no information came out.
The "DEMO Nationale Belgium Open Derby 2017 WEIGHT RACE" was held in Beringen, followed by "DEMO Friendly Switzerland Open Derby 2017 WEIGHT RACE" in Lostallo. As far as organization, the races have again come out excellent. The participants' testimonies have convinced us that we are going the right way. In August, participants of the "DEMO Friendly Italian Open Derby 2017 WEIGHT RACE", again in Lostallo, could fine-tune the dogs' condition for the FCI European Championship in Hungary. WGA Weight Race has several very good points. On the one hand, participants can not get an official DISQ and, on the other, opponents are always weight equal. The last WGA race was in October "DEMO Friendly Dutch Open Derby 2017 WEIGHT RACE" in Lelystad. At the end of the season attendance was not so numerous, but it did not detract from its quality. Like every WGA race, there was a fantastic atmosphere and comfort.
I do not know how far this will be a concomitant phenomenon in the future, but this year it was comforting for the soul (link to races here). An important share at the level of all our events has the sponsorship by DG DogGear, Mrs. Renata Mildner (link here). They have incredible prices, people were really excited. In short, teamwork. Thank you very much.
The year ends, so tomorrow will be evaluation, concepts and plans for 2018. I want to point out that there will be tremendous positive information, so please do not miss it.

December 29th, 2017

A nyní se přehoupneme do druhé poloviny roku 2017. Mistrovství Evropy v coursingu skončilo. Po celou dobu jsem ve skrytu duše doufal. Neochota, nabubřelost, sebestřednost? Tentokrát se nedostaly ven ani žádné informace.
Ve stejném termínu se běžel “DEMO Nationale Belgium Open Derby 2017 WEIGHT RACE“ v Beringenu za týden jsme navázali “DEMO Friendly Switzerland Open Derby 2017 WEIGHT RACE“ v Lostallu. Organizačně závody dopadly opět excelentně. Ohlasy účastníků nás přesvědčily, že jdeme správnou cestou. V měsíci srpnu si mohli účastníci “DEMO Friendly Italian Open Derby 2017 WEIGHT RACE“, opět v Lostallu doladit formu na FCI Mistrovství Evropy v Maďarsku. WGA Weight Race má totiž několik velmi dobrých věcí. Jednak nemohou účastníci dostat oficiální DISQ a jednak soupeři jsou vždy váhově přiměření. Poslední závod WGA byl v říjnu “DEMO Friendly Dutch Open Derby 2017 WEIGHT RACE“ v Lelystadu. Na sklonku sezóny sice nebyl tak početný, ale to nijak nesnížilo jeho kvalitu. Jako každý závod WGA i zde byla fantastická atmosféra a pohoda.
Nevím, nakolik to bude průvodní jev do budoucna, ale letos to bylo pohlazení po duši (odkaz na závody zde). Nemalý podíl na úrovni všech našich akcí má sponzorství firmy DG DogGear paní Renaty Mildner (odkaz zde). Úžasné ceny, lidé byli nadšeni. Zkrátka týmová spolupráce. Děkujeme moc.Rok končí, takže zítra zhodnocení, koncepce a plány pro rok 2018. Upozorňuji, že bude k dispozici obrovsky pozitivní informace, tak si jí nenechejte ujít.

December 28th, 2017

The beginning of 2017 was in the spirit of preparations for individual actions. We were expecting a response to our letter (link here, it is very important to read it). We prepared a schedule of events and enjoyed cooperation with the FCI. Our main goal was to gather enough background material for its FCI handover. We've set aside 3 years. The "not so humble" goal was to convince them that the racing by weight has a future and that it should be resolved. As part of our anticipated collaboration, we have also documented in "Ten Commandments" (full text here) for example:
10. If the FCI acknowledges weight class racing as a new discipline, WGA and all its subjects will cease activity.​
​Our first event (link here) on May 14, 2017 already had a compromise name that did not want to offend, "DEMO Friendly European Open Derby 2017, WEIGHT RACE, AWANS". Attendance was phenomenal, and i
t was a great opportunity for the organizers to make an unreal organization. I personally enjoyed this event because we did not get the answers to our letter, and I had an information that I would be able to meet Mr. Hendricks. It did happen; we talked together for a long time, and things seemed to be sufficiently transparent to serve the interpretation of the idea to FCI and CdL officials. We were very pleased with the response to the event, we have gained a huge number of friends from around the world.
The CdL's general meeting was scheduled at the time of the European Coursing Championship. The possibility of presenting the WGA before the CdL was a wonderful vision that unfortunately did not happen. We were ready.
Tomorrow you will learn ​what followed.

December 28th, 2017

Počátek roku 2017 se nesl v duchu příprav na jednotlivé akce. Očekávali jsme odpověď na náš dopis (odkaz zde, velmi důležité si ho přečíst). Zpracovali jsme plán akcí a těšili se na součinnost s FCI. Náš hlavní cíl byl shromáždit dostatek podkladů pro jejích předání FCI. Vyčlenili jsme si na to 3 roky. Neskromný cíl byl argumenty přesvědčit o tom, že běhání na váhu má budoucnost a mělo by se začít řešit. V rámci předpokládané spolupráce jsme i avizovali v dokumentu “Ten Commandments“ (plné znění zde) například:
10. If the FCI acknowledges weight class racing as a new discipline, WGA and all its subjects will cease activity.
Naše první akce (odkaz zde) 14. května 2017 už nesla kompromisní název, který nechtěl urazit, “DEMO Friendly European Open Derby 2017, WEIGHT RACE, AWANS“. Účast byla famózní, pořadatelé předvedli neskutečnou organizaci. Osobně jsem se velmi těšil na tuto akci, protože odpovědi na náš dopis jsme se nedočkali a měl jsem informaci, že se budu moci setkat s panem Hendricksem. To se také stalo, hovořili jsme spolu velmi dlouho a zdálo se, že věci jsou dostatečně transparentní a poslouží k věcnému tlumočení myšlenky funkcionářům FCI a CdL. Velmi nás potěšily odezvy na akci, získali jsme obrovské množství přátel z celého světa.
Zasedání CdL bylo naplánováno v době konání Mistrovství Evropy v coursingu. Možnost prezentace WGA před komisí CdL byla nádherná vize, která se bohužel neuskutečnila. Nachystaní jsme byli.
Zítra se dozvíte, co následovalo.

December 27th, 2017

The year 2017 is comming to its end and the time has come to look back at what WGA acomplished. In 4 follow-up posts I will talk about some matters that we had to deal with on our journey. It all started in 2016 with our first race in Alsónemédi, Hungary, which turned out as a huge success. Feel free to watch the look-back video I had made. In this video I tried, in the context of that period, to explain the idea of WGA. This was followed by some hasty reactions, some unofficial actions were taken and I had to move away from Alsónemédi. Not because there was a problem with the track itself, just to be clear.
WGA's creation was noticed.
Our reaction was simple: we sent a letter to the FCI (you may read it here, it is quite important to do so if you want to understand what is going on). We then set an Ethical code (read here) and the so-called Ten Commandments (read here). I had to add this text to our video: "The information presented in the Promotion action was created in a historical context". Why? Because the CdL did not like our idea of organizing an event called the European Championship. We decided to back away and rename our big race. We constructed a website that aims at answering as many questions as possible about WGA and to make sure that our idea of helping the FCI with our work was well understood.
By the end of 2016 we had a solid base of experienced people supporting us and joining us, representing official functions in our non-profit organization. We all strongly agreed not to comment, on behalf of WGA, on the cause of today's sighthound breeding issues that are arise solely from the FCI Breeding Regulations and breeder's choices to disregard them.
Stay put for tomorrow's update!

December 27th, 2017

Rok se sešel s rokem a nastal čas bilancování. Ve čtyřech navazujících příspěvcích uvedu pár skutečností, se kterými jsme se museli v našem snažení vyrovnávat. Počátek se datuje do roku 2016. Naše první akce v maďarském Alsónemédi dopadla nad očekávání dobře. Krátké ohlédnutí zde na videu. Můj video vstup, ve kterém jsem se snažil v kontextu doby, vysvětlit myšlenku WGA, přinesl první reakce. Vyšší moc zasáhla, v Alsónemédi jsme skončili, důvod nehledejte u dráhy. Na vznik WGA vyšlo avízo.
Naše reakce? Dopis FCI, text zde (velmi důležité si ho přečíst, CZ verze. V návaznosti vznik Etického kodexu, zde, CZ verze a Desatera, zde, CZ verze. K videu jsem musel přidat text: The information presented in the Promotion action was created in a historical context, protože se CdL nelíbil plán uspořádat akci s názvem Mistrovství Evropy. Ustoupili jsme a provedli jsme přejmenování. Naše stránky byly zpracovány s cílem zodpovědět co nejvíce dotazů a vysvětlit myšlenku WGA, která by měla FCI pomoci.
Koncem roku jsme naplnili celou strukturu WGA velmi schopnými a zkušenými lidmi. Všichni naši členové měli zapovězeno jakkoliv komentovat příčinu dnešních problémů, která pramení z Chovatelského řádu FCI.
Zítra se můžete těšit na pokračování.

October 16th, 2017

In the Netherlands, among other things, we discussed the decreasing numbers of racing participants. More than 10 years there have been experiments with height measuring aiming at making the process fair and today they are still going nowhere. The clubs are adding more and more races to their calendars thinking this can bring some results such as prestige, publicity, sometimes rivalry or even money. The coordination of all these individual interests is very complicated. Can we add more weight races? The intelligent answer is yes, by letting the organizers officially decide which races they want to have based on height and which based on weight. Why are some races cancelled due to a low number of participants? Could it be because there are simply too many races? Because there is not enough demand for such a huge number of races? We can either organize fewer races, or we can offer attractive races of superior quality. Because more and more people participate in weight races one could say that it might be because this type of racing offers the higher all this. It is only a matter of time before the people that are paid (with our money) for dealing with such problems also realize that after 10 years of dead-end experimentation with the human factor involved the only possible solution is a technical one.
Vaclav Holoch, WGA's president

October 15th, 2017

Dutch Derby, Weight Race, WRV Midland
Lelystad, Netherlands, October 15th, 2017

On Sunday 15th of October this year’s last WGA race took place in the Netherlands. It was organized by WRV Midland at the racetrack of Lylestad as a national derby. The numbers weren’t abundant but who knows a little something about whippets sees that the competitors were of a good quality. I was a little afraid that the low number of participants could bring the mood down a little but I was wrong. The WRV Midland team was great and the event they organized was extraordinary. Balanced competition, bigger breeds present, a high-quality grass track… what else could we wish for? Also the human participants were friendly and very interested everything around WGA. Even though I left there with a virus infection and felt sick the impression I got there was amazing. I can proudly say that all WGA races that took place this year were of a top quality. They were all possible thanks to our 2-years sponsor DG DogGear (Renata Mildner) and her beautiful prizes. We are very thankful for that. There is nothing left to say than to thank the WRV Midland team lead by Mr. Hoedemaker for their cooperation. We are looking forward to more events like this. We welcome the Netherlands into our team.

September 22th, 2017

Dutch Derby, Weight Race, WRV Midland
Lelystad, Netherlands, October 15th, 2017

This year's last derby. It follows in the footsteps of the European Derby in Awans, the Belgian Derby in Beringen, and the Swiss and Italian Derbys in Lostallo. Come and support weight racing. A friendly atmosphere, fair play, and even competitors are waiting for you.

August 13th, 2017

Members of the WGA after the meeting in Lostallo
Another succesful WGA race is behind us. It was the Italian Derby in Lostallo. Before the race we enjoyed a lovely fun evening with great food (as well as on the race day). The Italian team worked very well with the Swiss one and the race was held in a peaceful manner - which was possible thanks to the weight system. I want to say thank you to all participants and WGA supporters. Thanks also to Andre Keller and his team for making this all possible and to Esther Eigenmann-Meier for beautiful pictures.
We could have had more participants, but we sure had good quality participants - at least I can say that for the PLIs. I personally most enjoyed the moment when I saw 5 borzois run together. It is great that breeds other than PLIs and whippets start to benefit from WGA.
This year we have 2 more races ahead of us, one in Germany and another in the Netherlands. Since we just started, I think 5 races a year is a big success. Next year we will add coursing and will begin to unite the basic conditions.
We are still getting no support from the FCI and we still didn't recieve any answers to our attempts for communication but our strategy still stays the same. No one is officially against us so right now we decided to let our supporters speak for themselves. We are looking forward to communicating with all reasonable people that can maybe come and enjoy our next two races.
Vaclav Holoch, WGA's president

August 13th, 2017

Demo Friendly Italy Open Derby 2017
Following the great success of the race on July 9th last Sunday, August 13, at the "Carlo Bonzanigo" crotch race will be held the Demonstration race with "Italian Friendly Open Derby". The classes will be formed after the dog weighs that will take place on the morning of the race. This is a demonstration race so the scores and any disqualifications will not be written on the dog workbook. The race will be sponsored by WGA.EU and sponsored by DG DogGear and Frontline Tri-act, which will feature beautiful prizes. We expect many to test the functionality of the demonstration races by weight. On the day before the race will be possible to camp in the spaces that ADL Lostallo will make available. 
For any information contact Andrè Keller: adl.keller@hispeed.ch
Subscriptions are already open by filling out the online form: http://www.adl-lostallo.ch/anmeldung/

July 9th, 2017

Demo Friendly Switzerland Open Derby 2017
Demonstrational race with weight classes in the wonderful track "CARLO BONZANIGO" by Lostallo. The classes will be formed after the dog weighs that will take place on the morning of the race. This is a demonstration race so the scores and any disqualifications will not be written on the dog workbook. The race will be sponsored by WGA.EU and sponsored by DG DogGear, which will feature beautiful awards. We expect many to test the functionality of the demonstration races by weight
In the days preceding the race you will be able to camp in the spaces that ADL Lostallo will make available.
For any information contact Andrè Keller: adl.keller@hispeed.ch
Subscriptions are already open by filling out the online form: http://www.adl-lostallo.ch/anmeldung/.

July 2nd, 2017

Demo Friendly Belgium Open Derby 2017
Another succesful weight race is behind us. This time it was held in Beringen, Belgium. The organizer reported over 50 dog participant, which is an amazing number, especially during this weekend full of major sighthound sporting events. Thank you very much for your support and a special thanks to DG DogGear for the (as always) magnificent prizes.
We are looking forward to seeing you all again in only one week (9.7.) in Lostallo (Switzerland)

Juny 9th, 2017

We are very pleased that WGA eventually runs even the Belgian Derby 2017 on 2.7.2017 on a very good track in Beringen.
Many of you will certainly remember the very successful European Championship in 2011 on this track.
Unfortunately, especially for Italian greyhounds, who are mostly universal in this respect, this term is in conflict with the term of the European Championship in Coursing in Lotzwil. Still, I think it's a challenge especially for the vipets. This region has a very strong competition of vipets.
Of course, there is the possibility of linking to my previous contribution to traveling across Europe and ending up in Lostall for the holiday week and ending up again racing at the end. As a preparation for the European Championship, not on the sand, but on the great grass. It makes sense.
Support for running on weight is worth it. Everything we do, we do for our future. And that's the sense in the nonsense.
Everyone who thinks alike has my great thanks. We cannot do it without you.

Juny 2nd, 2017

In the races, WGA had 4 terms for this year. The European Derby in Awans, and three others - Belgian Derby in Beringen, the Swiss Derby in Lostall and the Italian Derby also in Lostal. I obtained information about the inconsistency of the opinions of the members of the club organizing the race in Beringen under the WGA . To this end, I declare that we greatly appreciate every organizer who organizes races on weight.
We do not claim it must be in the WGA system. We striving to satisfy as many people as possible. We care for their opinion to push the idea of running on weight.
That's why I agreed today with our general sponsor, DG DogGear, Mrs. Renaty Mildner, that he will also provide sponsorship prizes to Beringen including the covers for the winners. We really do not care if our WGA logo is anywhere. Of course, it depends whether Beringen is interested.
In the WGA racing championship, the winners will be awarded the FCI victory. To achieve the title, they need two WGA victories in two seasons or one WGA victory and two FCI wins in a weight race.
People should not be limited by the different attitude of the organizers.
Different opinions are a given right and the collective makes the decisions.
Vaclav Holoch, WGA´s president

May 28th, 2017

Dear friends, here's a little lookback on the European Derby that took place on the 14th of May in Awans. It was an enormously succesful and beautiful event sponsored by DG DogGear. Many people participated including experienced racing sighthound owners with a long history.
Now we can look forward to the Belgian Derby in Beringen (2.7.2017), the Swiss Derby in Lostallo (9.7.2017) and the Italian Derby which will also take place in Lostallo (13.8.2017). I would like to welcome you all to join us on these major national competitions that use the WGA weight system.
A huge thank you to TEQUAMBA TV (Libor Navrátil) for the videos. You can watch all the runs from Awans on Youtube.

May 17th, 2017

If something is on the TOP then it has to be great in all aspects. A huge thank you from us to Renata Mildner and her DG Dog Gear company which is the main sponsor of WGA racing in 2017. She had the courage to support us right from the begining when it wasn't yet sure how things will go and thanks to that we had beautiful prizes to give to the participants, making the race even more succesful. Thank you very much.

May 17th, 2017

Dear friends, the 2017 European Derby in Awans (B) is behind us. A truly unique event has been made. Great organizing team, the track, background. People were very positive, the course and the race itself were really an experience. Much of this was done by great moderators who promoted the whole event to a real show of greyhound sports. I am very grateful to all of you for having prepared very strong arguments for the CDL negotiations that should take place in Lotzwil.
If we manage to keep our following actions in such a focus, it will give us very strong arguments for further procedures. The idea is one thing, but without a good realization it would be very difficult. That is why I respect the Awans even more for all people who are not afraid and are not afraid to help with the realization through the WGA. Thank you very much.
Václav Holoch, WGA´s president

May 10th, 2017

Dear friends, our grand event is almost here. I have no doubts about our experienced friends from Belgium who surely prepared a great race. When I see what atmosphere they creared before the event even started I am convinced that during it the mood will be fabulous.
In July there will be another WGA event held in Lostallo and prepared by the Swiss national commisson and not even a month after that yet another WGA Lostallo race, this time prepared by the Italian national commission. Moreover, the Czech commission is planning a WGA race in Rabapatona and, more importantly, the WGA European Coursing Derby 2017. The French commission will also make at least one more race in this season. We are very glad that the efforts to promote weight racing are becomming more organized and I thank you all for your much needed support in this matter.
I am bringing the WGA title cards to ED 2017 Belgium which will be awarded to the winners - the title is called I WIN. There must be at least 3 dogs in the respective weight cathegory if I WIN is to be granted. If a dog recieves at least one I WIN and has a sum of 3 I WINs and CACILs it will ve awarded the WGA Racing/Coursing Champion title.
Please note that also the winners from last year's WGA race in Alsonemedi will recieve their I WINS now.
Follow us of Facebook if you wish to stay updated about the race in Awans. If possible, we will try to post information regularly.
We wish a good time to all participants as well as good health and fast feet to their dogs.

April 20th, 2017

Where is the next year's FCI World Championship, Awans (BE), where the Friendly European Derby 2017, Awans (BE) this year is held 13.5.-14.5.2017. How about a pre-premier?
The race is run by WGA. Quality track, great organizing team, racing event of the year running on scales.
Please come and support the idea of running on the scale / by weight. Your participation is the biggest convincing argument.
WGA will need some supporting arguments.. The event is a continental championship type, many days, and it will be great to meet in a strong dog and human teams. In addition, the starting fee is symbolic. The organizers deserve their work and efforts to be rewarded by your interest. We need you, and we believe you will understand what this will do for you.
Here is a link to propositions and applications, the deadline is 1.5.2017
LINK 1       LINK 2

April 20th, 2017

Dear friends, you’ve probably noticed a lower WGA activity. We have transferred responsibility for national activities to the respective National Commission in each country. I very much appreciate the people in the National Commissions, who are now the main initiators. Events organized by the "WGA system" are contractually secured by contracted collaborators outside the WGA structure. Any possible financial flows will only go to the level of the National Commissions.
The WGA will not hold or organize any action, it has begun to hurt some of the deserved male dogs’ owners. The funding will be provided by own resources. We are not just dog owners, our activities are primarily focused on nature conservation, animal protection, i.e. with dogs with the right to enter decision-making processes, revocation of proposals etc.
The WGA will only deal with administrative procedures. Although there were no official responses, we tried to explain internally and in writing, we made concessions, all at the instigation of the official circles and their affiliated complainants. It's nothing I would not expect.
However, justifying, for example, the countermeasure of a national offense related to the seat of the WGA is, in my view, really a “force”. It is with luck that we will learn everything through unofficial channels. However, we have already addressed the legal representation in Belgium, and in July we will evaluate the situation and, accordingly, set out further steps. We are slowly losing the season, but the idea of running by the weight on the balance is growing.
For a long time, I was wondering whether to issue this statement. I have come to the conclusion that decent people will not be bothered and that the “whistle blowers / stool pigeons” will be upset by it. There is enough mercy and humility on our part, but everything has its limits.
Again, it turns out that it is important first to get enough brave people for the idea, and then we can only solve the unification. The fact that running on the scale works, as it always worked, shows that the organizers are sufficiently experienced and competent. And it is a great thanks to them.
Without you, the dog owners, we cannot pursue the idea. Please help us and support the National Commission. Your participation is the biggest convincing argument.

February 19th, 2017

  Link for Weighting survey    

  Link for Weighting overwiew  

Please help us by participating and sharing !!! We need to get as many answers from whippet and italian greyhound owners as possible.
Dear friends, in order to be ale to optimize our weight tables, we need your help. Please share the weight of your doggies with us. It doesn't have to be precise. What we want is to offer the same possibilities to dogs of all weights, both small and big, keeping their safety in mind. We want to be responsible and in order to achieve that we need answers from many different people and many different countries. Whether you race your dog, do coursing, or enjoy dog shows, you can help as long as your dogs have pedigrees. If you're interested, you can follow the results of this survey on our website.
Please help us help you.
Please fill in the questionnaire. The answers will serve to optimizing WGA's weight tables. You will help both us and yourselves. All we want to do is to create a working system of high quality in 3 years and then hand it over to the FCI so that they can acknowledge this type of racing - weight racing. Thank you very much for your time and we'll be looking forward to seeing you on our races!

February 6th, 2017

  Link for weight tables  

Simply and clearly: for this year WGA's weight tables are the following ones (with the exception of Belgium and France). Optimalization of dog's weights will be achieved in the first round - our racing and coursing rules will see to that. We are also trying out an option with more whippet classes which could be useful during big events such as championships. As it was said many times already we are here to optimize the system as much as possible and then provide the FCI with our findings in 3 years. This is why changes can still happen and also why we can really achieve our goal.

February 6th, 2017

  Link to the rules of admitting new countries  

Hey hey hey! Starting today, new countries can be admitted to the WGA system! We will of course actively seek people we know from many different countries but if there are some that already decided to join us and are ready to do so - well, now they can! Everything you need to know is on the website.
This week the working rules for National Commissions amd the Executive Board will be finished, hopefully the weight tables will be ready by tomorrow and racing and coursing rules by the end of February. This will also include the awards system.
This week a 'racing' section will be added. There you will be able to find all the information you need about our races.
There is alot of work behind us, but alot of work infront of us still. Please be patient, we are really doing the best we can.

February 4th, 2017

Dear friends, please, do not seek perfection with us just yet. This year we are working on the basics of the system while already organizing events and there might be differences between the different races. We have to try out a few different variants so that we can optimize everything as much as we can in the end. However, everything will always be stated in the rules.
Also new countries will be joining in so that will bring a bit of chaos in too. However, that will also mean more races. We have to try not to interfere with FCI's race dates but that is almost impossible. Official cooperation would be best.
We will publish our weight tables on Monday. France and Belgium will have a different system this first year. By the end of the year we will discuss all our newly gained experience and come up with a united system. By the end of February our official racing and coursing rules will be published. If you have any questions, please pose them online on our webpage. We will not let them unanswered and more over others will be able to see them there and learn from them. (link)
We already published the rules for our racing Championships. You can check the link in our news feed. In the future we will publish all new races on the WGA webpage.
The National Commissions already have an online repositary they can use for all their necessary files.
Please be patient. We are looking for volunteer graphic designers and sponsors that would be willing to help. The beginings are always the hardest. Thank you.

February 2nd , 2017

The WGA system is starting.
For 2017, we are poised to have two big events: Race European Championship in Belgium and the Coursing European Championships in the Czech Republic. Obviously, we have prepared for you many other races on the weight categories. The Races are "OPEN" for all breeds listed according to the FCI rules including extended Group 5.
More information about the WGA System, visit our website regularly. We shall inform you continuously in our comments. We look forward to your patronage. 
Here you have a link to the propositions and the EM in Belgium - you can start planning.

January 30th, 2017

We promised to publish race dates. You should know that there are more to come because starting tomorrow we are going to focus on adding new countries (we yet have to finish the paperwork about that but it should be ready by the 1st of February). We are doing our best to respect FCI's full calendar (that is also why we are still searching for alternatives). We will probably have way more dates for coursing (which does not depend on racetrack availability). Our dates will always react to those of the FCI so we will always bublish ours at least a month later after FCI's. It is true that already there is a huge number of races so for the future it would be optimum to work with the FCI and organize our dates together. That would of course mean less heigh races. But that is just a "maybe" and that maybe is not on us. The most positive thing is that we are already working on our coursing and racing weight championships. These races will show how many people are interested in weight racing. Quality is the most important thing. We are about to deal with many problems, many challenges are ahead. All we want from you is to support us and participate in our races. We will take care of all the rest. Please see the race dates in the table and in our event calendar. (link)

January 16th, 2017

A very important year is before us. All the information that we consider necessary can be found on our web site pages. The pages are completely in English. We are still proofreading them by native English speakers, therefore, please excuse any mistakes, but they should not affect the clarity of information. We are currently working on documents related to actual running. We already have most of the deadlines for races including the EM2017 in the race. The terms of the Coursing are in the works. We want to have everything ready and published by the end of January.
We do not yet have official response regarding our request for possible cooperation with the FCI in preparation for running by weight, but we can not afford to lose a year, so we work so we can get the first findings at the end of 2017. But everything is done with the intent so your sweethearts have the best and optimal conditions. We will be glad to hear your comments and opinions, because without your feedback we cannot be working.
I take the liberty of sending you a link to our website which will answer everything that might interest you. In the "Frequently Asked Questions", you can read the FAQs already posed or you can directly inquire.
In February, we will accept new member states. Potential candidates can contact our email at: info@wgaeu.org. In order to pass the best possible evidence to FCI, it is necessary to create the widest possible base. The impetus of WGA are not the central headquarters or the Executive Committee. The driving force must be National Commissions that will be only methodically guided. Otherwise they will in their actions reflect on their locale, and will be contracted to collaborate in organizing events with individuals or clubs. I would also like to ask all who can join in sponsorship support of its National Commission.
Wish us luck that we manage to accomplish that running on the scale can solve the constant speculation about measurements. No system is ever 100% equitable, but the scales are more accurate. It is up to FCI how they handle our intent and work.