The company’s website came to existence in the beginning of 2008. DogGear is a Czech company and its products are all manufactured in the Czech Republic. These products are then distributed under the brand “DG DogGear” which is a registered trade mark.

When the company started, the main focus was to sell original dog clothes and collars made in a special way the company invented. This includes their designs, patterns, and also the whole production process. Today the range of its products is much bigger and it includes everything from clothing to special sighthound feeds and superb racing shirts that are used by many world racing champions.
  • The main goal is to manufacture practical and original products of high quality both for sighthounds and their owners
  • During the production process, the focus is mainly on good quality, the materials that were used, on the details, and on the safety of dogs
  • All products are handmade and come in various sizes starting with Italian Greyhounds
  • The company is always trying to improve its products and to offer an even bigger range of products