Rules of Procedure WGA

Rules of Procedure WGA
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Article 1
Basic provision
The supreme body of the association's membership meeting, which meets at least once a year physically.

Article 2
General Membership Meeting
1. Meetings of the club members' meeting is convened by President of the association.
2. Member meeting must be convened even in the event that a third of the group's members submits to convene stimulus.
3. Information on holding a members' meeting is sent to all members of the association in writing or by electronic mail to the contact address that the member stated in the application or later to the address provided the Society, no later than 30 days before the meeting. Part of the information is the draft agenda of the membership meeting.
4. Directing the proceedings is an authorized representatives of the Association Council.
5. Participants of the meeting are the members of the WGA z.s. (hereafter only WGA) and invited guests.
6. The presence of members shall be recorded in the attendance list.
Article 3
1. Membership meeting shall make decisions by an absolute majority of votes. The statutes of the association can be changed by a two-thirds majority of all members of the Association. The abolition association with liquidation or transformation is a decision of qualified majority.
2. Membership Meeting shall have a quorum if attended by majority of its members. If the member's meeting cannot reach a quorum, the Council of Association shall call a replacement member meeting within one month from the date of the original one. The recurrent meeting of members constitutes a quorum regardless of the number of members present.
3. Each member association has one vote in decision making; voices of members are equal.
4. The right to vote is for the valid and present members of the association. Representation (power of attorney) is not possible.
5. Unless otherwise stated, the vote is always a show of hands.
6. Member for meeting may decide during the year to use electronic communication and online forms. In such cases, the membership meeting quorum based on the response of an absolute majority of members of the association. These records must be kept for three years by the Council of the Association.

Article 4
Program of the Membership Meeting
1. Proposals to discuss at the membership meeting can be submitted by all WGA members to the Association Council until a specified date.
2. Publication of the draft agenda for the meeting of members is a binding document for the meeting.
3. Member Meeting cannot adopt resolutions on issues of fundamental importance, if the discussion and resolution was not pre-specified in the meeting agenda.

Article 5
Process of the Membership Meeting
1. The Council of Association designates one club member to take minutes of the meeting. They are responsible for the correct present member records, records of votes cast. The minutes are approved, and the conclusions of individual negotiations and record of the meetings are included.
2. Membership Meeting may select committees, as necessary, each single or three members.
3. The Council may because of the discussions or other reasons declare during the membership meeting a short recess.
4. The right to discuss is only for WGA members or invited guests.
5. Management of the Member Meeting is required to manage the discussion to be constructive and effective. They have the right to withdraw the word of the presenter who uses profanity and verbally attacks members. Discussion inputs can be time-limited.
6. If there is a question during the debate that is not answered on the spot, the presenter is obligated to prepare a written response. It will become a part of the meeting minutes. The entry must be made available to all members of the association in electronic form within thirty days from the membership meeting. The minutes together with the attendance list will be archived for a period of three years by the Council Association.

Article 6
Final Provisions
Any changes to these Rules are the responsibility of the General Membership Meeting.
Directive Rules of Procedure of the Executive Committee WGA
was approved at a meeting of members WGA
09. 12. 2016
Vaclav Holoch, president of the WGA