Rules of Procedure EB

Rules of Procedure
Executive Board
Article 1
Basic provision
The Executive Board is the highest working body of the WGA, which is its founder. Determines and resolves issues in relation to any practical activities WGA. Its decision is binding. The Executive Board is composed of two representatives from each cooperating country. From its elected chairman of the Executive Board, which shall be annually confirmed in his post or a new election. Working tool Executive Board of the National Commission to ensure implementation of its decisions at the national level.
Article 2
Meetings of the Executive Board
1. Meetings shall be convened by the Chairman of the Executive Board or the president of the WGA.
2. The meeting must be convened even in the event that half the members of the Executive Board submits the initiative to convene.
3. Information on holding the meeting is sent electronically to members of the Group Executive Board on FB, and no later than 20 days before the meeting. Part of the information is the draft program / meeting agenda. The term of convocation may be even shorter if the situation requires it.
4. The meeting is chaired by the Chairman of the Executive Board or the president of the WGA, in their absence beforehand authorized representative.
5. Participants of the session are Executive Board members and invited guests.
6. The presence of members and guests are recorded separately in the attendance list.
7. Other forms of meetings are permitted in the spirit of the above conditions.
Article 3
Voting at the meeting
1. In a meeting a proposal is accepted when it is supported by the majority of present participants. Decisions can only be made in a meeting where at least a half of the Executive Board members are present. If not enough Executive Board members participate, a conference meeting or a correspondence meeting will be held within one week.
2. The right to vote only duly and present members.
3. Unless otherwise specified, the vote is always a show of hands.
4. Meeting may, for decisions in the course of the year, use of electronic communication, on-line forms or correspondence or conference forms under specified conditions.
Article 4
Sessions Program
1. Proposals to be discussed at the meeting may be sent by members of the Executive Board until a specified date.
2. Publication of the draft agenda of the meeting is binding.
3. Meetings cannot adopt resolutions on issues of fundamental importance, if the discussion was not pre-specified in the meeting agenda.
Article 5
Conduct of the meeting
1. The Executive Board shall elect minutes’ taker. That person is responsible for the correct registration of the session, recording of the votes cast. The basis of his recording and the minutes of the sessions are approved at the conclusions of the various meetings.
2. The Executive Board may, because of the advisory session, or other reasons, declare short breaks during the sessions.
3. The right to discuss is reserved only for the members of the Executive Board and other invited guests.
4. The sessions director is required to manage the discussion to be constructive and effective. He has the right to withdraw the word of any person who uses profanity and verbally attacks the members. Discussion inputs can be time-limited.
5. If there is a question during the debate which is not answered on the spot, the respondent is obligated to prepare a written response. It will form a part of the minutes of the meeting. The entry must be made available to all the members of the Executive Board in electronic form within 20 days of the meeting. The minutes plus this document together with the attendance list are archived for a period of three years by WGA.
Art. 6
Final Provisions
Any changes to these Rules are the responsibility and the authority of WGA.
Directive Rules of Procedure of the Executive Board WGA
was approved at a meeting of members WGA          
09. 12. 2016                                                                      
Vaclav Holoch, president of the WGA