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DEMO Friendly Dutch Open Derby 2017
On Sunday 15th of October this year’s last WGA race took place in the Netherlands. It was organized by WRV Midland at the racetrack of Lylestad as a national derby. The numbers weren’t abundant but who knows a little something about whippets sees that the competitors were of a good quality. I was a little afraid that the low number of participants could bring the mood down a little but I was wrong. The WRV Midland team was great and the event they organized was extraordinary. Balanced competition, bigger breeds present, a high-quality grass track… what else could we wish for? Also the human participants were friendly and very interested everything around WGA. Even though I left there with a virus infection and felt sick the impression I got there was amazing. I can proudly say that all WGA races that took place this year were of a top quality. They were all possible thanks to our 2-years sponsor DG DogGear (Renata Mildner) and her beautiful prizes. We are very thankful for that. There is nothing left to say than to thank the WRV Midland team lead by Mr. Hoedemaker for their cooperation. We are looking forward to more events like this. We welcome the Netherlands into our team!
(photos Cees van Arkel)
2017-10-15 LELYSTAD video


2017-08-13 LOSTALLO (CH)
DEMO Friendly Italian Open Derby 2017
Another succesful WGA race is behind us. It was the Italian Derby in Lostallo. Before the race we enjoyed a lovely fun evening with great food (as well as on the race day). The Italian team worked very well with the Swiss one and the race was held in a peaceful manner - which was possible thanks to the weight system. I want to say thank you to all participants and WGA supporters. Thanks also to Andre Keller and his team for making this all possible and to Esther Eigenmann-Meier for beautiful pictures.
We could have had more participants, but we sure had good quality participants - at least I can say that for the PLIs. I personally most enjoyed the moment when I saw 5 borzois run together. It is great that breeds other than PLIs and whippets start to benefit from WGA.
This year we have 2 more races ahead of us, one in Germany and another in the Netherlands. Since we just started, I think 5 races a year is a big success. Next year we will add coursing and will begin to unite the basic conditions.
We are still getting no support from the FCI and we still didn't recieve any answers to our attempts for communication but our strategy still stays the same. No one is officially against us so right now we decided to let our supporters speak for themselves. We are looking forward to communicating with all reasonable people that can maybe come and enjoy our next two races.
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2017-07-09 LOSTALLO (CH)
DEMO Friendly Switzerland Open Derby 2017
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2017-07-02 BERINGEN (BE)
DEMO Nationale Belgium Open Derby 2017
Another succesful weight race is behind us. This time it was held in Beringen, Belgium. The organizer reported over 50 dog participant, which is an amazing number, especially during this weekend full of major sighthound sporting events. Thank you very much for your support and a special thanks to DG DogGear for the (as always) magnificent prizes.
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2017-05-14 BERINGEN photos
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2017-05-14 AWANS (BE)
DEMO Friendly European Open Derby 2017


A truly unique event has been made. Great organizing team, the track, background. People were very positive, the course and the race itself were really an experience. Much of this was done by great moderators who promoted the whole event to a real show of greyhound sports. I am very grateful to all of you for having prepared very strong arguments for the CDL negotiations that should take place in Lotzwil.
If something is on the TOP then it has to be great in all aspects. A huge thank you from us to Renata Mildner and her DG Dog Gear company which is the main sponsor of WGA racing in 2017. She had the courage to support us right from the begining when it wasn't yet sure how things will go and thanks to that we had beautiful prizes to give to the participants, making the race even more succesful. Thank you very much!
If we manage to keep our following actions in such a focus, it will give us very strong arguments for further procedures. The idea is one thing, but without a good realization it would be very difficult. That is why I respect the Awans even more for all people who are not afraid and are not afraid to help with the realization through the WGA. 


2016-09-24 ALSONÉMEDI (HU)
DEMO Friendly Czech Open Derby 2016
The information presented in the Promotion action was created in a historical context.
At the moment of WGA establishment, we had a strong opinion of the FCI. Many people agreed with us and supported the idea that someone finally conceptually promotes the idea of running by the weight. It began to grow, with more sympathizers from the previously silent majority. This also confirmed to us that our intentions to go to the maximum with consistency with everything that is valid in FCI is correct.
We created on our web pages “Ten Commandments” and the “Code of Ethics”, where our positions are clearly defined. We have a clear structure. WGA surrendered their own events, all actions are implemented only within "WGA system" which sets out the necessary differences from the FCI. No, we do not have a coherent order. All actions we provide are coordinated through the National Commission, contracted with the organizing entities.
It is logical that if we want to fulfill responsibly our mission of finding the interest of people, to gather and to unify the conditions and execute the necessary multiannual research that would help the FCI to make informed decisions, we must be able to rely on concrete actions. But not as presently organized, where "it is nothing." They have very misleading outcomes. Therefore, we do actions through the motivational way.
On the criticism about the name EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP, we immediately responded and we changed the name to EUROPEAN DERBY. Our national titles followed, for example. CZECH DERBY, ITALIAN DERBY etc.
We try to be as helpful as we can, but where there is no dialogue, there can be no good decision. I wish that our activities were perceived as actually declared and not as someone says differently.