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Valid only until 31. 12. 2017

Ten Commandments

1. WGA’s goal is to cooperate with the FCI. In no way do we want to get into a conflict or to get our cooperating subjects into trouble.
2.  WGA declares that during its activities, FCI’s rules and regulations will always be followed as closely as possible, and that FCI’s reputation shall never come to harm because of WGA’s actions.
3.  WGA will never comment on issues that have nothing to do with weight class racing and it will also never pick sides in conflicts that do not concern weight class racing. 
4.  WGA will not comment on its followers or separate them according to their opinions. It will always try to stay on the side of the FCI and protect and promote its attitude towards cynology.
5.  WGA was created in order to promote weight class racing and to unite all efforts for it under one association. In some countries, weight racing already has a certain tradition. These races always have the FRIENDSHIP status, however, their rules differ and they offer no awards. The interest in weight racing grows and it is needed to come up with more than that.
6.  WGA’s aim is to optimize and unite all weight class racing rules. Data will be collected from all weight races this association will organize and then a thorough analysis will be made. All of this will then be handed over to the FCI in hopes of acknowledgement of weight class racing as a new discipline.
7.  With the exception of their height, WGA will only work with dogs that are approved by the FCI. All participating dogs must either have a racing license or a proof of completing several training runs. They will then be divided into groups according to their weight.
8.  WGA will distinguish between racing and coursing. This will have an effect during race admissions as dog owners must prove that their dogs are capable of participating in the given discipline.
9.  WGA will not discuss problems that have something to do with the fact that in some ways, the Association differs from the FCI. We have a working organizational structure and a huge number of followers and we will stay committed to our goal even if we had to follow alternative ways of reaching it.
10. If the FCI acknowledges weight class racing as a new discipline, WGA and all its subjects will cease activity.
Vaclav Holoch
President of the Association, by his own hand.

WGA project schedule
Year 2016 In the year 2016 specific actions are not yet planned. The year is intended as a preparatory period. The WGA, however, will support  any idea and decision of competition, if an organizer is ready to handle it.
January - March
Non-profit organization - set up
Methodical documents - processing, revision, translation
April - June
Appointment of the WGA members
Searching  foreign contacts, coordination agreements, personal meetings, consultations.
July - December Coordination and methodological assistance to co-operating subjects
Consulting and advisory activities
Revision of methodological materials, suggestions for modifications and changes
Executive Board - meeting, incorporation of updated methodological materials, appointment of  the organizer of the  European Racing Championship 2017, European Coursing Championship 2017, calendar planning of events of all WGA and their co-ordination for  2017.
Year 2017-2018 Planning at least 1 racing + coursing per organization within consolidation project. Emphasis will be placed mainly on implementation of the European Championship in racing and coursing.
Year 2019 The project will be implemented in full extent with minimum 3 racings and 1 coursing competition, regular championships and other activities.